The apparel and textile industry is recognized at a national and international level as a competitive, responsible, versatile and flexible sector. We know our customers´ needs and surpass them, offering quality and speed to market. The industry provides an integrated supply chain, made up of yarn, fabrics, embroidery, screen printing, sublimation, trimmings, dyeing and special finishes until the final delivery of the products, creating the products with the highest added value in the region.



We are a highly productive, innovative and flexible sector, composed of apparel companies, textiles mills, accessories and service companies, all of them working side by side in Guatemala and selling abroad.



The apparel and textile sector is nationally and internationally perceived as a competitive and responsible sector because of its versatility, flexibility and speed to attend and respond with high quality products, always satisfying the clients and final buyers need.


On its 27th edition, the Apparel Sourcing Show is the only tradeshow in the CAFTA-DR region that focuses on the apparel and textile industry. At the show, you will find more than 200 booths and almost 5,000 visitors from over 20 countries. The exhibition floor features textiles, apparel manufacturers, accessories, embellishments, screen- printing, sublimation, digital printing, and machinery.

Free Trade Agreements

The use of existing free trade agreements facilitates cross-border trade between partner countries. Read more about the rules of origin that will allow you to use tariff preferences correctly, which have been granted by free trade agreements with Guatemala.


VESTEX has created a culture of legality through its labor programs which allow companies to compete nationally and internationally, making compliance with labor legislation a competitive advantage.


Millions of dollars exported


Domestic Production (GDP)


Industrial domestic production (GDP )


Of the jobs are taken by women

¿What We Do?

Our Services

We specialize in providing integrated and specialized services to our customers, focusing on creating high quality jobs with a Corporate Social Responsibility focus. Following legal and commercial obligations is one of our main goals, and with the support of government entities we are able to compete in a global level. We anticipate our competition because we offer the services our member companies request in order to achieve their goals. In order to support the companies of the sector, VESTEX has developed the following work related topics:


Market access, marketing and promotion


Corporate Social Responsibility, environmental responsibility, compliance obligations in legal, tax, labor, and occupational health and safety issues


Currently the apparel textile sector is one of the most dynamic industries in Guatemala, contributing significantly to the country’s economic growth and development. In the directory bellow you will find the contact information of all the companies in the industry. You will find apparel companies, brand offices, textile mills, and companies that specialize in accesories, embellisments, finishes, services, supplies and machinery.

VESTEX Directory 2017

Apparel Companies: 173 companies 0

Textile Mills: 36 companies 0

Accessories and Services: 81 companies 0


The traditional exports during 2016 were 2,396 million US$

The non traditional exports during the same year were 8,069

The apparel and textiles remains the major export of the country, with US$1,525,729.3 to more than 70 markets, especially the United States of America, Central America and Mexico.


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